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LifePoint is a group of Christ-followers that meet weekly in Longwood, Florida. As a church our goal is to stay "Focused on Christ, and Faithful in the Community." For more information check out

In this week's sermon, Pastor Phil explores another uncommonly known fact about Jesus: He was tough. Thank God we have a tough Jesus to advocate for us! 

In this new teaching series from LifePoint Christian Church, Pastor Phil looks into the Bible to learn more about the intricate and complicated personality of Jesus Christ. Turns out, he's more than we thought.

After Habakkuk's gripping prayer we find that God is not afraid to answer with some direct words of His own. Trouble is, Habakkuk didn't get the answer he hoped for. Instead, he found out that God has his own plan for bringing the wicked nation to justice - by using an outside nation of bandits and warriors worse than those Habakkuk complained about. Find out why this is important for us today. 

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Special guest speaker, Andrea Krazeise, director of the Sanford and Oviedo Crisis Pregnancy Center, gives a special message honoring life in all it's forms.

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This week we started a new teaching series in the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. The raw emotion and words of Habakkuk are striking in that they are honest and real. 

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 This is part three in a series about who we strive to be as a church family. Enjoy! 

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When Jesus came into the world people were able to experience "Immanuel" for the first time - God With Us. And while "God With Us" is certainly good - "Christ In You" is a million times better. Find out what God's true mission for Jesus was and why Christmas is a perfect opportunity to learn the difference between "God With Us" and "Christ In You."  God Bless!

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Ever feel like you pray but receive few (if any) answers? Does it seem like God spoke to people very clearly long ago but barely utters a word today? In this message by LifePoint Elder JJ West, we see how God speaks to us and how we can respond to Him when He does. 

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Ever wonder what it was like to travel towards Bethlehem with only a star as your guide? In this week's message, Pastor Phil, steps into the sandals (literally) of a 1st century Magi to recount the tale. Merry Christmas!

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Many people in today's society I'm living in darkness. Not physical darkness, but spiritual darkness. The most important question each of us must ask ourselves is, "where do I find light?" In the first message of three in this new teaching series, Pastor Phil talks about how God sent Jesus into this world to be the one, true light.

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