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Mama's Prayers
Lyrics by Tom Bunevich and Rob Gundling
Music by Rob Gundling
Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved.

First Verse
Wild and crazy in my younger days
Many nights, got home in a haze
Always seemed to end up in a safe place,
A simple answer, uncomplicated case,
Looking back, it was mama’s prayers,
Keeping me safe, bringing me there,
She worried, praying for her family,
There’s no doubt, I believe in mama’s prayers.
Second Verse
Little Tommy, born with a heart defect,
Doctors said they had little chance to correct,
Two years later no damage could be seen,
Just a normal boy, happy, healthy and clean
Chorus (replay)
Third Verse
Word came Christmas, they’d be shutting down the mill,
Daddy’d lose his job and so would brother Bill,
Christmas came, gifts, friends and family love,
Where was it from, had to be above.
Chorus (replay)
You might say prayer does no good,
But many times mama proved it would.
Guitar Solo
Final Verse, (breakdown)
I got a call saying mama’s going fast,
We all prayed somehow she’d last,
Just before she died, we found her note,
She said “Prayer works, don’t you ever lose hope.?
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