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When it comes to Palm Sunday, many of us have heard countless sermons on the subject. However, today Pastor Phil looks to use the story as a springboard to investigate the different perspectives of those who were in attendance that day. 

What are the key characteristics that describe a Godly marriage? Pastor Phil talks about four such characteristics and shares why these are key to a happy, healthy marriage. 

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Throughout this series we have learned more about the real person Jesus. He wasn't a myth, a legend, or a storybook character, He was a REAL man. Listen as Pastor Phil wraps up this captivating series about who Jesus was. 

Guest speaker Pastor Joseph Thompson explores more about the unknown aspects of Jesus. Today we find out He was rebellious. 

In this week's sermon, Pastor Phil explores another uncommonly known fact about Jesus: He was tough. Thank God we have a tough Jesus to advocate for us! 

In this new teaching series from LifePoint Christian Church, Pastor Phil looks into the Bible to learn more about the intricate and complicated personality of Jesus Christ. Turns out, he's more than we thought.

Each and every single perosn has a choice. It's a decision that we have the opportunity to make each and every day. Even though it's a simple choice, the ramifications are enormous. For Habakkuk it came down to this: no matter what happened around him, he would choose to rejoice in the Lord. 

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With just a few exceptions, we are created with an appreciation for music. Songs help us express emotion, frustration, and inspiration. That's why it's not surprising to find out that the thrid chapter of the book of Habakkuk is a song. It's a musical piece that expresses the challenge of Habakkuk's task as well as his faith in a powerful God. 

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Habakkuk is told to write down the poetic lament for predicting the downfall of the Chaldean/Babylonian empire. But what weight do these words carry for us in modern day America? Listen and find out! 

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This section of Habakkuk is one of the most quoted Old Testament passages in the New Testament. That is significant for us. God tells his prophet it's important to "live by faith," but what does that mean? Listen as we take a trip into the New Testament to help us answer this question. 

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